• special combination of treatments formulated to combat acne effectively
  • Includes Vitamin CĀ and Oxygen

What is an acne treatment?

An acne treatment is an intense regimen of a few of our most effective treatments designed specifically to reduce the appearance of and prevent acne. The peel also helps to decrease excess oil production. Oxygen treatments work to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Because acne is primarily caused by inflammation underneath the superficial layers of the skin, oxygen treatment provides a special boost to those with acneic skin conditions. The high frequency machine is then used on problem areas to target bacteria and inflammation in the deeper layers of skin. LED light is an optional add-on for this treatment and blue light is used as it is particularly effective on acne.

How is it used?

Acne treatments primarily target persons with chronic acne or problem areas. This is a more intense treatment that has many phases, each with a specific aspect of acne that it targets. Acne treatments help to diminish the appearance of acne, and help to prevent major breakouts. However, there is no miracle cure and serious acne requires home treatment with specificĀ  products designed for acneic skin conditions.