$25/ area

  • used to diminish the appearance of Cellulite on the thighs and buttocks
  • uses Cellulite RX products and a wrap procedure for more thorough penetration
What is a Cellulite Rx Body Wrap
Cellulite Rx is a revolutionary skincare products developed by the experts at Institut Dermed. Cellulite Rx contains Wild Yam Extract. This key ingredient comes from the roots of a vine native to China, Mexico, and the United States. Wild Yam contains a chemical compound  called diosgenin that is a building block of the hormone progesterone. This extract is taken to the lab where a compound similar to progesterone is synthesized using the diosgenin. Once applied to the body, the compounds in Cellulite Rx block estrogen receptors in skin cells. This inhibits the cells’ ability to store fat. The entire Cellulite Rx regiment comes in three steps which include a Liposmooth creme, a Lipolift cream, and a Lipotherm cream.  The complete Cellulite Rx treatment set can be purchased at the Elaine Sterling Institute. However, we take this home treatment one step further. We use a specialized body wrap procedure for more intense penetration of the Cellulite Rx product. The first step, Lipo smooth,that is applied is actually a Glycolic peel so you get a cellulite treatment and a rejuvenating skin peel in one treatment. This treatment usually takes about one hour so be sure to plan your schedule accordingly.
How is it used
Cellulite Rx is used to gradually decrease the appearance of cellulite with a non-invasive procedure with natural wild yam extracts as the key ingredient. The home treatment set can be purchased and is designed to last for 4 weeks. The result rate is especially high for this product and treatment and can vastly improve the appearance of cellulite. The Body Wrap works to more deeply penetrate into the skin cells.  Although you can purchase a one time Body Wrap, it is more appropriate to purchase a series, as results are not often immediate. If you choose to have a trained esthetic student perform the application, instead of yourself, you get the advantage of being pampered and ensuring that there are no missed areas.