Who performs the services at the spa?

All treatments our performed by students at our institute. They are thoroughly trained in all of the services they perform.

What products are used during the treatments?

All of our services incorporate our custom Elaine Sterling Skincare line. Designed by Elaine Sterling herself, these products are developed to reduce irritation of the skin, and provide powerful active ingredients. Our products can also be purchased in retail sizes at the front desk and online (link to products).

What should I wear to the spa?

We provide all clients with spa gowns for spa services. Clients should wear undergarments and spa gowns for spa services on the beds, must can dress normally upon arrival to the spa. For our Cellulite Rx services, we can provide disposable undergarments, or clients can bring their own, knowing they will not be able to wear them again after the service.

How can I make an appointment?

You can book appointments by requesting them online here, calling our front desk at 404.256.5228, or request via Facebook. Upon reception of an appointment request, our front desk staff will provide you with an email or phone call to confirm that your request was received and whether or not we were able to honor your request, or suggest another time to come in.