Papaya Enzyme Facial

  • basic facial plus papaya enzymes
  • utilizes healing papaya enzymes
What is a Papaya Enzyme Facial
Papaya Enzyme Facials are similar in procedure to our European facial. However, you get the added bonus of papaya enzymes to help heal your skin.
How is it Used
A European facial is a great basic skincare treatment. You get personalized attention on your face and skin as well as time to relax and enjoy being pampered. A cleanser is used to get rid of surface impurities and oils. Exfoliant gets away the rough dead skin. Masks are applied towards the end of your facial as they are more responsive to already cleansed skin. Extractions are perhaps one of the most important parts of the facial. A trained esthetician or esthetic student can perform extractions more skillfully and they are much less damaging to the skin. Facials are a perfect skin treatment to get on a regular basis as they are affordable and can do wonders for your skin if done routinely.