• Use of Rentinols within 7 days of service
  • Use of Accutane within 6 Months of service
  • Allergies to the following: Citrus, Nuts, Shellfish, Metals, Aloe
  • Open Lesions or Wounds
  • Pregnancy

*Please reach out to us if any of the above apply to you.

NAIL SERVICES: Please do NOT exfoliate within 24 hours of service.

Seasonal Facials

Pumpkin Peel Facial $45
This Enzymatic peel contains vitamins and exfoliating properties to target acne, fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and improve the skins’ circulation.

Express Facials

Refresh $17

Teen Scene $25

Elaine Sterling Skincare Facial $35

Hydrating Marine
This hydrating mask is formulated with powerful marine actives to boost hydrating and provide essential sea minerals.

Soothing Aloe
This intensely restorative facial provides hydration and helps soothe irritated skin.

Sports Facial
Our sports facial is geared towards men, with the inclusion of a dry brush to exfoliate.

AHA Mint Facial
Deeper exfoliation and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Clarifying Camphor
Perfect for oily or acne prone skin to reduce pore size and reduce bacteria on the skin.

Signature Facial Treatments $53

*Recommended Add-on: LED

Includes Sonic Peel and Tone, yoga in a jar

Oxygen, vitamin c peel, high frequency

Vitamin C Peel + Oxygen

Elaine Sterling Ultimate Experiences $85

Skin Cocktail
includes Microdemrabrasion, Microcurrent and LED (RED and or Blue)


Microdermabrasion $48
diamond, crystal, h2o
*Add a peel to microderm for only $10

Microcurrent $48
The Weekend Lift

Ultrasonic Lift and Tone $48
Ultrasound facial treatment

Elaine Sterling Skincare Facial with Machines $48
Galvanic, Iontophoresis,desincrustration,vacuum suction

Hydrafacial $150
Face, neck and décolleté

Hydrafacial Add ons $25
Derma Builder Serum Infusion
Britenol Serum Infusion
Collagen Blanket
Diamond tip crystal free microdermabrasion

Chemical Peels

Vitamin C $45
A gentle peel that rejuvenates the skin’s youthful glow

Emerald Peel $45
This clinical skin treatment is designed to target fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and improve the skins’ circulation.

Emeralds & Ice $55
This clinical skin treatment is designed to target fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and improve the skins’ circulation.

*The Emerald Peel is designed for most skin types but always a thorough skin analysis should be included in each treatment and contraindications should be assessed to decide whether the client is a candidate for this peel. A signed consent form should be on file as well as a skin analysis sheet indicating areas of concerns. Application of the peel should remain on the skin 1-3 minutes. 1st application should be 1 minute and then build the client up to 3 minutes over the duration of the series. Every 2 (14 days NO sooner)  for acneic skin and monthly for all other skin types and conditions is preferable, The peel is intended to draw the pigment to the surface and minimize it (this is why clients may see pigment on the skin this is quite normal). This is why series is sold, the process takes time.

Add Ons

Happy Feet $14
Performed on the table, during the facial or body service

LED Add on $10
Red and/or Blue

Refresh Facial $17

Serum Add Ons $5

Vitamin C
Glowing skin and correcting and protecting from sun damage

HA Serum
For hydration and intense moisture

Retinol Serum
Treating signs of aging